St. Lawrence Cathedral - Virtual Tour Katedrala Sv. Lovre - Virtualni Vodič Hl. Laurentius Kathedrale - Virtuelle Guide

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Virtual guide: St. Lawrence Cathedral

The cathedral of St. Lawrence with Radovan's portal at the entrance are the most famous Town monuments. The cathedral, called St. John among local citizens, is the highest building in Trogir, dominating the area. Built on foundations of old basilica which was destroyed after Saracens attack 1123, cathedral has been building for four centuries. It is a three-part Romanic-Gothic basilica with three half circle aphides and vestibule above which bell-tower is erected.

Portal of Master Radovan, the entrance to St. Lawrence Cathedral (finished 1240), is monumental and unique piece of art of Dalmatian Middle-age plastic, one of the most important monuments of Croatian history.

The bell-tower of Cathedral of St. Lawrence is the tallest and most distinctive building in Trogir area. It is 47m high tower built in 3 different styles during almost four centuries. It can be visited daily from 0900-1200h in the morning and from 1600-1900h in the afternoon. Price: 5kn

From the cathedral

From Radovan's Portal

From the top

TROGIR VIRTUAL TOUR New perspective of Your Virtual visit: Fortress Kamerlengo, North Town Gate, South Town Gate, St. Lawrence Cathedral, Fortress of St. Marc, Trogir Harbour.