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Vela Rina (43o26.6' N - 16o05.1' E) - anchorage

Vela Rina - Nautic PilotBay Vela Rina is good BURA (NE) haven (take lines ashore), but it is open to S and SW. If there any sign of seaward leave the anchorage immediately. The bottom is consist of sand and the holding is good.
Nautical maps shown here are for information use only. Do not use it for navigation purposes.

All boats coming to Trogir for berthing on Trogir Waterfront should announce their arrival to Harbor Master's Office at least one day before arrival.
Contact: call or send a fax to: +385/21 88 15 08
VHF Channels: 10 & 16

NAUTIC PILOT for ports and anchorages in Trogir Area: Borak, Drvenik Veli, Fumija, Krknjasi, Marina, Okrug Gornji, Racetinovac, Seget, Sicenica, Solinska, Trogir, Vela Rina, Vinisce, Vranjica.