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Vranjica - Location Info: Apartments and Rooms in Vranjica - Location GuideVranjica is an old fisherman village, 5km from Trogir center, nested on the small hill, over viewing Trogir Bay and nearby islands.
The accommodation is mostly available in weekend houses and apartments very close to the sea.
The beach is cultivated by stone blocks and it is "half-private", because each house has its own "sun-deck" by the sea.
The people here are very friendly. Do not get surprised if landlord invites you to join him for a lunch or offer you domestic vegetables and fruits. Few grocery shops are available in the village center, where you can find restaurant and bar.

Trogir Riviera is assemble of 20 islands, islets, small counties and villages. Find out more about the locations in Trogir area: Arbanija, Drvenik, Marina, Okrug Gornji and Donji, Seget, Sevid, Slatine, Trogir Center, Vinisce, Vranjica.

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