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Marina bay (43o30,8'N - 16o07'E) - port & anchorage

Marina - Nautic PilotGENERAL: The most distinctive feature of the village of Marina is its fortified tower or KULA, built in the 16'th century by the Bishop of Trogir to provide protection from the Turks. The tower has now been converted into a hotel with a restaurant. Part of the inlet at Marina is quayed and N part is AGANA Marina with 120 berths.
APPROACH: Marina lies at the far W end of Marina bay, 6NM W of Trogir. Marina bay is shallow close inshore in places, but an offing of 2 cables clears these dangers. The tower of Marina is visible for some distance.

LIGHTS: FL.R. 5s8m4M at Rt Pasji Rat, 1NM E of Marina
F.R. on the quay near the tower in Marina

Marina - Nautic PilotBERTH: Tie up alongside the quay near the tower (depths are from 1-2,5m) or in AGANA Marina just across (depths from 3-7m)

ANCHOR: Anchor in the center of the harbor area in 4m to 5m,

There is good shelter from all directions except SE. In SE winds seek shelter between the pontoons in AGANA Marina or in Vranjica bay. (see next bay on our list)

Shops, hotel, restaurants, bars, grocery, pharmacy. ambulance, post, service, toilets, travel-lift up to 40T.
Nautical maps shown here are for information use only. Do not use it for navigation purposes.

Alle Boote mit der Absicht an der Hafenpromenade von Trogir anzulegen, haben dies dem Büro des Hafenkapitäns mitzuteilen und dies bis spätestens einen Tag vor der Ankunft.
Kontakt: Telefonisch oder per Fax: +385/21 88 15 08
VHF Kanäle: 10 & 16

NAUTIC PILOT Marinas und Ankerplätze in der Region um Trogir: Borak, Drvenik Veli, Fumija, Krknjasi, Marina, Okrug Gornji, Racetinovac, Seget, Sicenica, Solinska, Trogir, Vela Rina, Vinisce, Vranjica.